The Brooksode Office is where Agents, Energy, Knowledge and Clients come together. 

Market Watch

Now you can easily access market stats directly from your search without leaving your results page. Get started today! Then contact a Brookside agent 

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Prosperity Home Mortgage, our in-house partner, will guide you through every step of the loan process. Interest rates are still amazingly low which makes your monthly payment more affordable.. Take advantage today. It's a great time to buy.  

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Home Valuation

Prices increased last year and are predicted to do the same in 2021. Check out the valuation of your home or a home you're looking at to buy. Let us help interpret the valuation models and talk about the excitment in the market. 

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Gregg Davidson has 30+ years of experience and enjoyment in the residential real estate business. In sales - homes and condominiums, marketing and management for the last 15 years, All with the same company. 

Reece Nichols offers the absolute best value proposition for our agents.  

"If someone told me I could hand-pick a broker who believed in me as a real estate professional, who was dedicated to empowering me to be the best I can be, who supports my business and encourages me to grow.....

I would choose Gregg Davidson."

- Lori Thompson